Winterfeld, Karl Georg August Vivigens von



German musical writer; born in Berlin and died there. He studied law at Halle, and in 1811 became assessor of the principal court of judicature at Berlin, in 1816 councillor of the provincial court at Breslau and was at the same time custos of the musical section of the University library and in 1832 " Geheimer Obertribunalrat " at Berlin. Being pensioned at sixty-three years of age he devoted his entire time to his musical writings. He obtained much material for his history of music by the trip to Italy in 1812. He bequeathed his valuable collection of old music to the Berlin Library. His writings are considered valuable and comprise Johannes Pierluigi von Palestrina; Johannes Gabrielli und sein Zeitalter; Der evangelische Kirchengesang und sein Verhaltniss zur Kunst des Tonsatzes; Dr. Martin Luthers deutsche geistliche Lieder; Uber Herstellung des Gemeinde-und Chorgesangs in der evangelischen Kirche; Zur Geschichte heiliger Tonkunst, two parts; detached treatises.