Willmann, Magdalena


One of the interesting Willmann family; a daughter of Maximilian Willmann; born at Forchtenberg. She was the possessor of a beautiful contralto voice, and this with her pleasing person, fine technique, exquisite taste and grace as an actress made her one of the most giftecl singers of her time upon the stage. She made concert tours with her father and sister, Madame HuberWillmann, then sang in Venice in opera, in concert at Gratz, again toured Germany and appeared in Imperial Opera in Vienna. In 1799 she was married to Galvani and afterwards appeared but a few times under the name of Madame Willmann Galvani. Authorities do not agree as to dates of her birth and death, but she was probably born about 1770 and died either in 1801 or 1811. Magdalena Willmann was admired and courted by Beethoven.