Wieniawski, Joseph



Distinguished pianist, brother of the famous violinist, Henri Wieniawski. He was born in Lublin, Poland. When ten years old he entered the Paris Conservatory studying with Zimmermann, Le Couppey, Marmontel and Alkan. Later at Weimar he was a pupil of Liszt and of Marx at Berlin. In Russia, with his brother, he gave a series of concerts and then returned to Paris, where he lived a number of years. In 1866 he was in Moscow, a teacher in the Conservatory. He then established a new piano school in Moscow. Wieniawski finally settled in Brussels as a teacher in the Conservatory. He has appeared frequently on the concert stage and is quite as well known and distinguished throughout Europe as was his brother, Henri. He has composed much piano-music, a number of waltzes, mazurkas, etudes and sonatas; two overtures for orchestra; a string quartet; polonaise for piano and violin; sonata for piano and cello. His style resembles both Chopin and Schulhoff.