Wesley, Samuel Sebastian



Celebrated English composer and organist, son of Samuel Wesley. Samuel Sebastian inherited his father's musical gifts; in his fourteenth year was chorister of the Chapel Royal at St. James, served as organist in various London churches; in 1832 became organist of Hereford Cathedral, of Exeter Cathedral in 1835. From Oxford he received the degree of Doctor of Music, writing for the degree the fine anthem O Lord, Thou art my God. He was organist at Leeds Parish Church, for fifteen years was identified with Winchester Cathedral and School Chapel, for ten years was organist at Gloucester Cathedral. In later life he received a yearly pension of five hundred-dollars in recognition of his service at church composer; died in Gloucester in the spring of 1876. Of the rich store of church-music left by him, mention should be made of a volume of twelve anthems, notable among these The Wilderness and Blessed be the God and Father.