Wert, Jacob van


His name is also written Jacques, sometimes Giaches, van Wert. He was a famous Netherland contrapuntist who flourished in the Sixteenth Century, a prolific composer, author of numerous books of madrigals, a book of canzonets, and three books of motets. He is supposed to have been born in the Low Countries about 1537, in his childhood went to Italy, in time entered the service of the Court of Novelarro, whilst here was made famous by the publication of a volume of madrigals. At the court of the Duke of Mantua he rose to the post of chapelmaster, for awhile had some connection, probably not official, with the splendid court of the Duke of Ferrara. The exact date of his death is not known, his last volume of madrigals appeared in 1591. He was one of the most renowned musicians of his day.