Werckmeister, Andreas



German theorist and organist; author of numerous treatises. He was born at Beneckenstein; studied music under his uncles, one an organist at Benungen, the other cantor at Quedlinburg. In 1664 became organist at Hasselfelde, held the post of organist successively at Ellrich, Elbingerode, the castle at Quedlinburg. In 1696 became organist at St. Martin's Church, Halberstadt. Of his musical compositions there is extant only a book of violin pieces with continue. His writings include the frequently republished Orgelprobe, oder kurze Beschreibung, wie man die Orgelwerke von den Orgelmachern annehmen . . konne, a treatise on intervals; the first treatise on equal temperament; a general instruction book; and much other work. He died at Halberstadt.