Weber, Miroslaw



Violinist and very successful conductor; born at Prague. He was very precocious, playing the violin before the Emperor of Austria when only ten years old. He studied with Blazek at the Prague Organ-School, then attended the Conservatory from 1870 until 1873, when he joined the Court Orchestra of Sondershausen. In 1875 he became concertmaster at Darmstadt and organized a quartet party. He became first concertmaster of the Royal Orchestra at Wiesbaden in place of Rebicek and second conductor at the Opera, which latter position he resigned in 1893. In 1889 he was appointed Royal musical director. Among his compositions are a ballet, Die Rheinnixe; music to Schulte's Prinz Bibu and to Eels Olaf; two string quartets, of which the second was awarded a prize at St. Petersburg in 1891; two orchestral suites; a septet for violin, viola, violoncello, bassoon, clarinet and two horns.