Weber, Gustav



Composer and conductor; born at Münchenbuchsee, in Switzerland. He entered Leipsic Conservatory in 1861 and in 1865 studied with Vincenz Lachner of Mannheim, then for a time was conductor at Aarau and Zurich. During the year of 18691870 he studied in Berlin under Tausig, and at the Beethoven Festival, in 1870, Liszt conducted his symphonic poem entitled Zur Iliade. In 1872 he went to Zurich as organist of St. Peter's Church, conductor of the Harmonic Society and teacher at the local conservatory. He has published many choruses, some arranged from old German songs; five Idyllen for piano; four-hand piano waltzes; a piano sonata; many little piano-pieces for children; five duets for soprano and alto. He also contributed to and arranged the edition of Volume II of Heim's collection of male choruses.