Walcker, Eberhard Friedrich



Celebrated German organ-builder; son of a skilful builder of organs. Friedrich was born at Karmstatt and studied under his father there. In 1820 he began business at Ludwigsburg and presently became noted for the excellence of his work, improvements and inventions in organ-construction. Riemann says: "It was, especially, the invention of the Kegellade (cone-box) which attracted extraordinary notice (1842), and led to a thorough revolution in the construction of wind-chests; for organbuilders adopted Walcker's scheme in ever-increasing numbers and no longer built Schleifladen (slidingchests)." Walcker's five sons became organ-builders and identified with their father's business. Among the organs built by the Walckers, mention may be made of the one at Ulm Cathedral, with one hundred sounding-stops and the one at Music Hall, Boston, with eighty-six stops.