Wagner, Siegfried



Contemporary German composer and conductor; son of preceding and grandson of Liszt, whose daughter Cosima is his mother. He was born at Lucerne, Switzerland; studied music tinder Humperdinck at the Bach Conservatory, Frankfort-on-Main, architechture and civil engineering at the Technical High School at Charlottenburg. Then followed a period at Bayreuth, where he gained experience in conducting, later gave concerts m Vienna, Rome and other cities and devoted special attention to interpretation of his father's works. Study of the technic of music and drama was pursued while rendering valuable aid in the preparation of the festival plays at Bayreuth. For many years he has personally conducted his father's operas there. He has met with success as concert conductor in tours through Germany, in Austria, England and Italy. "A trip to Pans," says Elson, " was the signal for much adulation, as tardy recompense for the coldness of his father's reception." He has written several operas, among them being Der Barenhauter, very successful in Munich and Leipsic; Herzog Wildfang; Der Kobold; Bruder Lustig; and Sternengebot. These works show talent and certain mastery, but are not marked by real greatness.