Wachtel, Theodor



Successful German dramatic singer, possessing a tenor voice of fine quality and much power. He was born at Hamburg about 1823, his father being a livery stable keeper. Some of his patrons noted his remarkable voice and he was given an opportunity to study; received his training at Hamburg under Madame Grandjean. He sang in opera in various German cities and in Vienna, halted in Vienna for a period of further study, made his London debut in 1862, often afterward sang in this city. Following engagements in Berlin and Paris he came to the United States, sang here in concert and opera; on a second visit in 1875 sang in Italian and German Opera. Wachtel attempted Wagner, in Lohengrin, Leipsic, in 1876, and failed. He was especially successful in the role of Postilion in Adam's Postilion de Longjumeau and sang this part over a thousand times. He also sang the roles of George Brown in Dame Blanche, Manrico in Trovatore, Arnold in William Tell, and Stradella in Flotow's opera of that name.