Voggenhuber, Vilma von



Eminent dramatic soprano; born in Pesth. She received her musical education in Berlin, under Stoll. Her debut was made at the National Theatre, Pesth, in 1862 and she sang there during the next three years. The next two years were spent in a concert tour, visiting Germany and Holland, singing for a season at Stettin and one at Cologne and Aixla-Chapelle. In 1867 she returned to Festh, where she made her appearance as a star. During the next year she became a member of the Berlin Court Opera. In 1868 she married the bass singer, Franz Krolop. She remained a member of the Court Opera until her death, bearing the title of chamber-singer. Her great roles were Isolde, Elizabeth, Norma, Donna Anna, Armida, Leonore, Iphigenia and Fidelio.