Vincent, Alexander Joseph Hydulphe



French mathematician and writer on music; born at Hesdin, in the department Pas-de-Calais. Going to Paris he became in 1831 professor of mathematics in the College of Louis le Grand. In connection with this work he published a Course of Elementary Geometry and a Treatise on the Solving of Numerical Equations. He was afterwards a member of the Academie and of the Societe des Antiquaires, also conservator of the library of the learned societies in the government educational department. He wrote a considerable number of treatises on the music of ancient Greece and also on the music of the Middle Ages. He agreed with Westphal in the idea that the Greeks had music in several parts and in this he was severely criticized by Fetis. Most of his shorter essays were published in Parisian scientific papers and reports of the Academie, though many were issued independently. He died in Paris.