Vasseur, Felix Augustin Joseph Leon



Born at Bapaume, Pas-de-Calais. His first instruction was given him by his father. Going to Paris he entered Niedermeyer's institute for church music, where he won the first prizes for piano and organ. He also studied under Dietsch. Soon after leaving the school, when eighteen years old, he was made organist of Saint-Symphorien at Versailles, and since 1870 has been organist of the Cathedral there. In 1879 he undertook the management of the Nouveau Lyrique, but was unsuccessful. Vasseur has published a method for organ and harmonium. He has made many transcriptions for organ and piano. Some sacred works are contained in a collection entitled L'office diyin. In 1877 his Hymn to St. Cecilia was highly praised. Most of his compositions are operettas written for the Bouffes Parisiens. Of these La Timbale d'Argent has made the greatest success. Later works are Le Manage au Tambour, Madame Cartouche, Ninon, Mam'zelle Cremon, La Famille Venus, also music to Chievot and Venlo's Le Pays d'Or.