Vanderstraeten, Edmond



Eminent writer on music; celebrated as the author of the work, La Musique aux Pays-Bas (Music of the Low Countries). Born at Audenarde, Belgium. He studied law in the University of Ghent; in 1857 going to Brussels, where he studied counterpoint under Fetis and composition under Bosselot. He became much interested in the study of archaeology and collected a valuable library on the musical history of the Low Countries. He also collected musical instruments of historical value, one of which was a Jean Rucker clavecin. He was given a life position in the Royal Library, and was sent by the Belgian government on artistic and scientific missions to different parts of Europe. The paper, Le Nord, was edited by him for a while, and from 1859 to 1872 he wrote musical criticisms for various papers. He composed a threeact opera, Le Proscrit, but is best known by his writings, among which are Le Theatre Villageois en Flandre; Lohengrin, Instrumentation et Philosophic; La Musique Congratulatoire en 1454; and Les Billets des Rois en Flandre.