Uhlig, Theodor



Violinist; born at Wurzen, Saxony. He studied at Dessau under Fr. Schneider. In 1841 he became a member of the Royal Orchestra, Dresden. His opinion of Wagner changed from decided opposition to that of a devoted follower. He arranged the piano score of Lohengrin. His compositions number about eighty-four, including symphonies and operettas, very few of which were published. Some songs and a character piece in fugue form appeared in 1882. In the latter years of his life he devoted himself to literature, writing Die Wahl der Taktarten, Die gesunde Vernunft und das Verbot der Fortschreitung in Quinten, Druckfehler in den Symphonic Partituren Beethovens, and Briefe Wagners an Uhlig. An English edition of the last named was published in 1890. Uhlig died in Dresden in 1853.