Ueberlée, Adalbert



German organist and cantor; born in Berlin. He studied at the Conservatory and at the Royal Institute for Church-Music, and took prizes for his work in 1862 and in 1864. During the winter of 1864 and 1865 he studied in Italy, after which he held the position of organist, first at the Bartholomaus Kirche and in 1866 at the Dorotheenstadtische Kirche. The next year he became vocal instructor at the Louisenstadtische Gewerbschule. He has also conducted the Dorothea Vocal Society. Among his compositions are the operas, Egmont, Karin, and Weiberlist; the oratorios, Das Wort Gottes, and Golgotha; a Te Deum; requiem; Stabat Mater; choruses for male and mixed voices; songs; and piano-pieces.