Tylman, Susalo


Notable printer of music; born in or near Cologne about the close of the Fifteenth Century. In 1525 he lived in Antwerp and transcribed music for the Virgin Chapel of Antwerp Cathedral. From about 1543 he had engaged as a printer of music, an occupation which proved so successful that he is said to have opened his own printing house about 1547. Over fifty volumes of music were printed by him between 1543 and 1560, his fourteenth book of chansons being his last publication. Others are Premier Livre de Chansons a quatre Parties, which contained eight vol- umes of his compositions; three books of Carmina in Latin; fifteen books of Ecclesiasticse Cantiones; six teen books of chansons in French; Motecta quinis vocibus, auctore Clemente non Papa; Madrigalie Canzoni francesi a cinque voci; five books of Cantiones sacrae; also three Musyck boecken, or books of song, in Dutch, and one of Psalter Songs, which is supposed to be the second of a series.