Turk, Daniel Gottlob



Organist and teacher; born at Claussnitz, Saxony. While studying at the Kreuzschule at Dresden he took counterpoint and harmony of Homilius. In 1773 he studied at the University of Leipsic and took violin with Hiller, who got him a position as violinist at the Grand concert and at a theatre. In 1776 he went to Halle as cantor of the Ulrichskirche and professor of music at the Gymnasium. He was made musical director at the University in 1779 and in 1787 resigned his position as organist at St. Ulrichs and teacher at the Gymnasium to become organist at the Liebfrauenkirche. He died at Halle. He wrote six Klaviersonaten grossten theils fur Kenner, oder draete Samml. der grossen Sonaten; Kurze Anweisung zum Klavierspielen ein Auszug aus der grossen Klavierschule; Kurze Anweisung zum Generalbassspielen; six Kleine Klaviersonaten dreiter Theil, Anleitung zu Temperaturberechnungen, and an excellent Klavierschule with critical annotations, also sixty Handstücke für Anfinger des Klavierspielen Theil and sixty Handstücke für Agghende.