Tuczek, Vincenz Franz



Dramatic composer and singer; born at Prague. His father, who was choirmaster at St. Peter's Church at Prague, was his first teacher, and he began his career as a tenor in Count Sweert's Theatre. In 1796 he became accompanist at the theatre in Prague and in 1798 chapelmaster to the Duke of Courland at Sagau. In 1800 he was conducting the orchestra of the theatre at Breslau, then he filled a similar position at the Leopoldstadter Theatre in Vienna, finally settling at Pesth, where he passed the remainder of his life. He wrote a number of operas, among them being Die beiden Dacheln; Sultan Konradin; Hans Klachel; Damona das Bergweibchen; Rübezahl; Lanassa; Idas and Marpissa; the religious dramas, Moses in Egypt, and Samson; masses; Geistliche cantata; other cantatas, vocal quartets and songs. The tragic opera, Lanassa, is usually considered his best work.