Tree, Anna Maria



Mezzosoprano singer and actress of the early part of the Nineteenth Century; born in London. She was taught singing by Tom Cooke and Lanza, and made her debut as Polly in The Beggar's Opera at Bath in 1818. The following year she made her first appearance at Convent Garden as Rosina in The Barber of Seville, and continued to sing at the theatre, with occasional provincial tours until 1825 when she retired, to marry Mr. James Bradshaw a few months later. She died in London in 1862. Among the parts in which she appeared were Lady Matilda in Maid Marian, by Planche; Louison in Henri Quatre; Julia, Imogen, Luciana, Viola and Rosalind in musical adaptations of Shakespeare's plays arranged by Reynolds and Bishop; Zaide in Colman's Law of Java; Chari  Maid of Milan; Baroness Matilda in The Frozen Lake. She was a good actress and attained great popularity.