Trebelli, Zelia



Mezzosoprano, who from her first appearance achieved brilliant success; born in Paris. Her musical talent asserted itself early and she was taught piano when only six, and at ten began the study of singing under Herr Wartel who, recognizing her talent, prevailed upon her parents to let her study for opera. After five years of hard study she made her debut in Madrid as Rosina in The Barber of Seville, as Trebelli, a reversal of her real name. Her appearance at Madrid was exceedingly successful, as was a subsequent tour through Germany. Her English debut occurred at Her Majesty's in 1862, on which occasion she sang Orsini in Lucrezia. On the appearance of Faust in England the following year she sang the role of Siebel. She came to the United States with Mr. Abbey's Company in 1884. Trebelli was possessed of a brilliant and flexible voice which she used admirably, and of much skill as an actress. She sang a number of roles, including Rosina, Orsina, Urbano, Azucena. Arsace, Siebel and even Carmen.