Topfer, Johann Gottlob



Famous as a reviser of organ construction; born at Niederrossla, Thuringia. His first instruction was given him by the town cantor, Schlomilch, then he went to Weimar and studied under A. E. Müller, Destouches and Riemann, and at the Seminary where he became teacher in 1817. He was made organist of the Stadtkirche in 1830. His death occurred at Weimar in 1870. He was an authority on organ building and wrote Die Orgel; Z week und Beschaffenheit ihrer Theile; Die Orgelbaukunst; Lehrbuch der Orgelbaukunst and Die Scheiblersche Stimmethode on the subjects besides, Theoretisch-praktische Organistenschule; Concertstück for organ; Allemeines und vollstandiges Choralbuch; sonatas, fantasias and preludes for the organ, and the cantata, Die Orgelweihe, also a piano sonata and a sonata and variations for piano and flute.