Tomasini, Luigi



Italian violinist and conductor; born at Pesaro; entered Prince Eszterhazy's service and continued there until his death in 1808. He was chamber violinist and concertmaster to Prince Paul Anton at Eisenstadt, Hungary, and became intimate with Haydn, who was composer to the Prince. In 1790 he received a pension from Prince Nicholas, who succeeded Prince Paul Anton; but he continued to work until his death. In Vienna in 1775 he played at a concert of the Tonkunstler Societat, to which he had belonged since its organization. He was greatly admired by Haydn, who wrote quartets and concertos for him to play, and who probably taught him composition. He wrote two violin concertos with orchestra; duos concertants for violin; twelve quartets for strings; twenty-four divertissements for barytone, violin and cello. He had two talented sons. His son Luigi, born at Esterhazin in 1779, became an excellent violinist, playing in the chapel and appearing at Tonkünstler concerts in 1796 and 1801, and at Ausgarten concerts in 1806. Of wild and lawless disposition he was forced to flee in 1808 for marrying a singer in the chapel without the Prince's consent, and he then secured an appointment as concertmaster to the Duke of MecklenStrelitz. He and his wife appeared in Berlin in 1812 and in Vienna in 1814.