Tiersch, Otto



Teacher of singing; born at Kalbsrieth, in Thuringia; studied under Topfer at Weimar, then with Bellermann, Erk and Marx at Berlin. He taught singing at Stern's Conservatory in Berlin and later as a private teacher in that city, and he wrote many treatises on the art of singing and the discoveries concerning acoustics which Helmholz and other musicians and musical theorists have made. Among these writings are Elementarbuch der musikalischen Harmonic und Modulationslehre; System und Method der Harmonielehre; Kurtzes praktisches generalbass Harmonielehre; Kurtzes praktisches Lehrbuch für Kontrapunkt und Nachahmung; Notenfibel; Allgemeine Musiklehre; Rythmik, Dynamik und Phrasierungslehre; Lehrbuch fur Klaviersatz und Akkompagnement; and other works; also the articles on harmony on Mendel's Conversationslexikon.