Thomson, Cesar



Remarkable French violinist; born at Liege. He began the study of violin under his father; then, entering the Liege Conservatory, studied under Jacques Dupuis until he was twelve, and, having learned all the local Conservatory could offer, went to Leonard, Vieuxtemps, Massart and Wieniawski. After traveling through Spain and Italy, when only eighteen years old, he became violinist to Baron de Derwies, at Lugano, and played in the private orchestra conducted by Müller-Berghaus. He became leader of the Bilse Orchestra at Berlin, and, after playing at Brussels in a musical festival in 1882, he became, by royal appointment, professor of violin at Liege Conservatory, where he served until 1897, succeeding Ysaye as professor of violin of Brussels Conservatory in 1898. He has toured throughout Europe, and during 1894 and 1895 was in the United States. His playing is remarkable, especially in the doublestops, and he is one of the few violinists who plays Paginini's music. He has almost absolute mastery over his instrument.