Tesi-Tramontini, Vittoria



Opera singer; born in Florence in 1690. She was the pupil of Francesco Redi, who established a school in Florence about 1706, and of Campeggi, at Bologna, where she made her debut. In 1719 she sang at Venice and at Dresden at the wedding of the Electoral Prince. She sang at Venice in 1723, at Florence and Naples in 1724 and 1725; Milan in 1727, at Parma in 1728, Bologna in 1731 and at the San Carlo in Naples from 1737 to the end of the Carnival. After a long engagement at Madrid with Farinelli she went to Vienna in 1748 and remained there until her death. In 1749 she appeared with great success in Jommelli's Didone, and for several years afterward sang with great success. Her style of singing was brilliant, full of fire and spirit. She had a beautiful face and figure, but was a most indifferent actress.