Terschak, Adolf



Flute-player and composer; born at Prague. When only seven was taken to Hermannstadt, Transylvania. He studied the flute with Bilowitz, and harmony with Franz Poffel and with Zenkel, then organist at Hermannstadt, and later went to the Vienna Conservatory, where he received instruction in theory of Sechter and Schlesinger and studied the flute under Zierer. In 1852 he went on a concert tour to Berlin, Hamburg, London, Ireland and Scotland, and the following year toured to Paris and southern France. In 1856 he made an Eastern tour through the Danube principalities, Russia and Siberia, in 1860 he went to Prague and in 1863 toured Germany. Three years later he went to Bucharest, and in 1869 to Linz, in Upper Austria. He has written several pieces for his instrument, among them being an Ave Maria; many compositions for flute with piano or orchestra; Saltarella for flute, violoncello and piano; and six duos for flutes.