Terry, Leonard



Conductor and song composer; born at Liege, France. He studied under Daussorgne-Mehul at the Liege Conservatory; in 1845 he won the second government prize for a cantata, entitled La Vendetta, and the following year he won a prize at Bruges for Chant de Victoire, with orchestral accompaniment. From 1849 to 1852 he conducted the Musical Association of Liege, and succeeded Geraldy as teacher of singing at the Conservatory. He became chief of orchestra in the city theatre in 1861. He has composed the comic opera, Maitre Bioch; Les Jeunes Filles et 1'Ond'ine; Elegie Harmonique; Fridolin; cantate-serenade; La Zingarella, a comic opera; about forty romances; twelve French and Italian melodies. He wrote Recherches Historiques sur la Musique and a biography of François Prume.