Telbaldini, Giovanni



Organist, journalist and writer of church-music; born at Brescia. He studied under Paolo Chimeri, and when only fifteen was organist at Brescia Cathedral and choirmaster at Guillaume Theatre. For a while he studied at Milan Conservatory, but was expelled in 1886 because he criticized a mass which one of the professors had written. He wandered from place to place as journalist and organist, then entered the Ratisbon school of church-music, where he studied composition, theory and history of music. He became maestro of the Schola cantorum at St. Mark's in Venice and in 1894 maestro at the Cathedral of Padua, and three years later director of Parma Conservatory, and has written Messa funebre; Messa di San Antonio; three pieces for organ and a splendid organ method, besides the opera Fantasia arabia.