Tappert, Wilhelm



German musical writer and critic; born at Ober-Thomaswaldau, in Silesia. At Bunzlau Seminary he fitted himself to be a schoolmaster, then taught for some time. In 1856 he entered Kullak's Academy at Berlin, and began t9 take private lessons of Dehn in musical theory. He has lived in Berlin since 1856 and is well known as a teacher and a writer on musical subjects. For a while he taught in Tausig's School for higher piano; from 1876 to 1880 he was editor of the Allgemeine Deutsche Musikzeitung, and he has been an occasional contributor to the Musikalisches Wochenblatt. He has published Musical Studies and a pamphlet on consecutive fifths, as well as several others on musical theory, and his curious Wagner-Lexikon, in which he has collected all the adverse criticism on Wagner and his work. He has made extensive researches into ancient Tablatures, of which he has a large collection.