Tamberlik, Enrico



Popular tenor of the middle of the Nineteenth Century; born at Rome. Originally he intended to become a lawyer, but studied singing under Borgna and Guglielmi, and made his operatic debut at Naples in 1841. After singing at Barcelona, Lisbon and Madrid he was engaged to sing at the Royal Italian Opera at London in 1850, and attained such popularity that he sang there every season following through 1864. Also appeared at Paris, Madrid or St. Petersburg, in North America and at Buenos Ayres, Montevideo or Rio de Janeiro in South America. He toured the United States in 1874, and appeared in London at Her Majesty's Theatre in 1870 in the parts of Manrico, Otello, and Ottavio. He retired to Madrid and engaged in the manufacture of arms. He died in Paris in 1889. His voice was wonderfully rich and strong, with a range of up to C in alto, and his style of singing was dignified and in excellent taste. He was a good actor and possessed of a handsome face and figure.