Szarvady, Wilhelmine Clausz



Pianist; born in Prague, where her father was a merchant and where she obtained her musical training at the Proksch Institute. When only fifteen years old she started on her first concert tour, and attracted much attention at Leipsic, Dresden and Vienna. She went to Paris in 1852 and greatly interested Hector Berlioz, whom she met there. She was befriended by Madame Ungher-Sabatier, who gave her a home. She made a long tour through Germany and to London, and in 1857 was married to Friedrich Szarvady, an author, and settled in Paris. She appeared in private concerts as late as 1886. Her repertory was composed mainly of the compositions of Bach, Beethoven, Scarlatti, Liszt and Berlioz. She was very careful in her interpretations, and besides her work as a performer edited and arranged a number of pieces for piano by Philipp Emanuel Bach, and even composed for that instrument.