Svendsen, Oluf



Flute-player; born in Christiania. At the age of twelve he had learned the rudiments of flute-playing from his father, and was playing in small orchestras, and two years later he became first flute at the Christiania Theatre. In 1851 he took flute lessons of Nils Petersen at Copenhagen, and in 1853 entered Brussels Conservatory, where he studied two years. He played in Jullien's Orchestra in London from 1855 to 1856; then became a member of the band at the Crystal Palace, where he played during two years. In 1861 he joined the Philharmonic Orchestra and received the appointment of first flute-player in the Queen's private band. For ten years he played in the band of Her Majesty's Theatre, and in 1867 became professor of flute at the Royal Academy. He died in London.