Strakosch, Maurice



Noted impresario; born at Lemberg, Galicia, some authorities say in 1830. His father, a colonel in the Polish Army, settled in Germany when Moritz or Maurice was a little boy, and thus the lad had the advantage of a musical education in Germany. He also studied composition in Vienna under Sechter. He was an excellent pianist, and in this capacity first appeared in the musical world, touring with success in Denmark, Russia, France, Italy, Spain and England. In 1845 he came to America, where he gave concerts and taught for ten years in New York. He then became a concert and opera conductor. In 1856 he organized his first concert troupe. But his fame lies chiefly in haying been the manager of Adelina Patti. He has been credited with having been her teacher, but she denies that he did anything more than teach her a few operas. His Souvenirs d'un Impresario contain an excellent biography of Patti. He composed two operas, Sardanapalus, and Giovanni di Napoli; and considerable piano-music. He died in Paris.