Stock, Frederick A.



Frederick A. Stock was born in Julich, Germany, November 11, 1872. His father was a bandmaster in the Prussian Army and it was from him that the son received his first musical instruction, the violin being the chosen instrument. When fifteen years of age the lad was sent to Cologne, where he entered the Conservatory and devoted himself to preparing for the profession, that had been determined upon for him by his father, as soon as the marked musical talent the boy possessed showed itself. In Cologne, Stock had Georg Japha as his violin teacher and his instructors in composition, theory and musical history were E. Humperdinck, H. Zoellner and the late Franz Wüllner. He was graduated in 1891, carrying off several prizes and distinctive honors. He at once entered the Muncipal Orchestra under Wüllner's direction and was there for four years. He had gone to Berlin and applied, successfully, for membership in the Philharmonic Orchestra, when he learned of Theodore Thomas' presence in Cologne, returned there, made application, and was engaged for the Chicago Orchestra. He came to Chicago in 1895 as viola-player, in 1900 was made assistant conductor to Mr. Thomas, and after 1902 acted as conductor for all of the tours made by the Orchestra. At the death of Mr. Thomas in January, 1905, he took charge, completed the season, and at the close was appointed conductor of the Orchestra. In composition Mr. Stock would have been more active if his duties as player and conductor had permitted. His works include a set of Symphonic Pictures for Orchestra, a set of symphonic variations, a " Symphonic Waltz," Symphonic Poems, a number of chamber-music works, and numerous songs.