Stewart, Sir Robert Prescott



Eminent Irish organist and composer, professor and conductor. Born and died at Dublin; son of the librarian of King's Inns. His musical education was received as chorister in Christ's Church Cathedral, of which he became organist at eighteen years of age. In 1844 he was given a similar post at Trinity College, and two years later became conductor of the University Choral Society. He took the degrees of Bachelor of Music and Doctor of Music in 1851; the next year was appointed choral vicar of St. Patrick's Cathedral, and in 1861, professor of music in Dublin University. He received the honor of knighthood in 1872 on his return from Boston, where he had produced a fantasia on Irish themes for chorus, orchestra and organ at the Peace Jubilee. In 1873 he was given the conductorship of the Dublin Philharmonic. He was greatly admired as an organist, and as a composer of glees he won six prizes. He also wrote a Church Hymnal; two services; and anthems; as well as the cantatas, A Winter Night's Wake, and the Eve of St. John; and odes. He was also an excellent lecturer and writer.