Stern, Julius



German conductor, composer and teacher, who founded in 1847 the Stern Choral Society, and in conjunction with Kullak and* Marx, the Stern Conservatory of Music at Berlin, in 1850. Stern was born at Breslau, where he studied with various teachers. He was a violin pupil of Lüstner, and from 1832 of Maurer, Ganz and St. Lubin, and later of Rungenhagen at the Academy. Stern received a traveling scholarship, from the King which took him first to Dresden and then to Paris, where he became well known as the conductor of the German Singing Society. He was connected with the Stern Conservatory, which bore his name, and actively participated in all its affairs until 1874, when he resigned on account of ill health. He received the title of royal musical director in 1849 and that of professor in 1860. From 1869 to 1871 he acted as conductor of the Berlin Symphony Orchestra. Stern composed songs; vocal exercises and considerable choral music.