Sterkel, Abbé Johann Franz Xavier



Distinguished German composer; born at Wurzburg. Studied with Kette and Weissmandel, organists at Wurzburg, and then attended the University in his native town, pursuing his musical studies further. He was ordained a priest and then became organist and chaplain at Aschaffenburg, and was chapelmaster to the Elector of Mayence, where he founded in 1807 a singing school, and afterwards occupied a similar position at Ratisbon, where he died. Dr. Burney, the musical historian, comments upon Sterkel's violin concertos, and the spirit and pleasing melody of many of his compositions, all of which went through a large number of editions, which testifies to the great popularity he enjoyed. His works consist of an opera, Farnace, which was produced at Naples with success; ten symphonies, for orchestra; two overtures; six piano concertos; quintets and trios for strings; sonatas and variations for piano; songs; canzonets; and choral music, besides four masses and other sacred music.