Stark, Ludwig



Eminent German pedagogue, editor and composer. One of the founders, in 1857, of the Stuttgart Music School, later the Stuttgart Conservatory, where he taught harmony, playing from score, the history of music and singing until 1873, when he was forced to take a rest because of his health. Stark was born in Stuttgart, and there studied philosophy at the University, and later composition and theory of music with the brothers, Ignaz and Franz Lachner. After giving up his work at the Stuttgart Conservatory he traveled for a time in Italy, and after his return to Germany confined his teaching to theory and history of music. He was given the honorary degree of Doctor of Philosophy by Tubingen University in 1873 and in 1868 the title of Royal Professor was conferred upon him. Besides teaching and composing Stark was joint editor with Lebert of a piano school, with Faiszt of an elementary and choral singing method, and a song school and edited alone several collections of classical transcriptions for the piano. He also composed sacred and secular choral works, one of which, entitled Volkers-Nachtgesang, received the gold prize medal from the Amsterdam Euterpe; also instrumental music; pieces for the piano and songs.