Squire, William Henry



Distinguished English cellist and composer; born at Ross, Herefordshire. He was a pupil of his father, an amateur violinist and made his debut at the age of seven. He won a scholarship at the Royal College of Music, which was extended for a second period of three years, when he was enabled to study with Edward Powell and Sir Hubert Parry. His real debut occurred in 1891, when he appeared at the Albeniz concerts at St. James' Hall, London. Squire has been heard at various London concerts since then, notably at concerts of British chamber-music in Queen's Hall in 1894, and at Crystal Palace in 1895, in which year he was appointed principal cello-player at the Royal Italian Opera at Covent Garden. He was elected an associate of the Royal College of Music in 1889. He has composed a cello-concerto; a serenade; pastorale; gavotte; tarantelle; four sets of pieces described as easy exercises for the cello; also violinmusic; pieces for piano; songs and music for the mandolin. He has in manuscript two operettas.