Spengel, Julius Heinrich



Instrumental and vocal composer and teacher; born in Hamburg. After studying piano and theory of Voigt and violin of H. E. Kayser, he went to Cologne Conservatory and was the pupil of von Konigslow and Rudorff from 1867 to 1868. At the Hochschule in Berlin he studied under Kiel, Rudorff, Adolf Schulze and Joachim, then returned to Hamburg, where he taught and took organ lessons of Armbrust and counterpoint of Gradener. In 1878 he was made conductor of the Cacilien-Verein and in 1884 began to teach singing at the female seminary for the convent school. In 1886 he became organist at St. Gertrude's Church. He has written a number of choruses and songs, besides a sonata for violoncello; a symphony in D minor, and a quintet for piano and strings.