Soriano-Fuertes, Don Mariano



Spanish composer; born at Murcia. He was a pupil of his father, Indaleno Soriano-Fuertes, the director of the Royal chamber music. His father placed him in a cavalry regiment, from which he soon retired, to devote himself to music. The younger Soriano-Fuertes founded a paper, Iberia Musical y Literaria, in 1841, which was the first publication of its kind in Spain, but which had a short life. He produced several zarzuelas, or musical operettas, in an effort to establish a national opera in his country. Was appointed professor at the Madrid Conservatory in 1843, became director of the Lyceums at Cordova, at Seville, and at Cadiz in 1844, and was also conductor of opera at Seville and later, about 1852, at Barcelona, where he founded the Gaceta Musical in 1860. He published a number of important works, including a history of Spanish music, which was issued in 1850. Soriano-Fuertes died at Madrid.