Sonnakolb, Franklin Schuyler



Concert pianist, composer and lecturer. Born at Saxe-Weimar, Germany. Was educated by private tutors and then entered Heidelberg University, where he received the degree of Bachelor of Arts. Studied music with Anton Rubinstein, von Bülow, Rafael Joseffy, Jan Pychowsky, and with Brahms. His first appearances in concert took place when he was only nine years of age, and at fourteen he began to compose. Sonnakolb has made concert tours with the late Camilla Urso and with Campanini. He is now engaged in contract with the  Eolian Company revising and editing perforated rolls for the pianola. His compositions number about one hundred and eighty-three, the best known of which are his March Heroique, to King Lear; Ocean Lyrics; fantasias on Chopin motives; romantic lyrics; and toccatas in octaves; concerto in G sharp minor for piano; and a Fantasie Espagnole. Mr. Sonnakolb was musical editor for a time of the New York Teachers' Magazine and has contributed numerous articles to the musical press.