Soldat, Marie



Renowned violinist; born in Gratz, the daughter of a musician, who instructed her on the piano from her fifth year. By the time she was seven she frequently took her father's place as organist in one of the Gratz churches, and at ten years of age played one of Vieuxtemps' pieces in a concert at the Musical Union. When only eleven she went on tour as a concert violinist, and her career throughout has been a most successful one. Marie became a pupil on the violin of Pleiner and August Potl of Gratz, and also studied composition with Thierot, the chapelmaster. She then entered the Berlin High School, remaining there as a student until 1882, when she began to study with Joachim. At the high school she won the Mendelssohn prize. Later she toured all through Europe. In 1889 she married Herr Roger of Vienna, and is now known as Mme. Soldat-Roger. She formed a string quartet of women in Berlin, which had a creditable career and appeared in all the principal cites of Germany.