Snel, Joseph François



Violinist, composer and conductor; born at Brussels. He was a pupil of Baillot at the Paris Conservatory from 1811 to 1813; was solo violinist at the Grand Opera, Brussels, became leader of the orchestra in 1830 and also played frequently at concerts. Snel founded in 1818, with Mees, a Music Academy in Brussels and was successful in introducing the methods of Galin and Wilhelmj. In 1828 he was made director of the training school for military bandmasters, next inspector-general of the schools for army music, was soloist to the King and held many other important offices in his lifetime. Snel wrote several operas, among them Frisac, produced at Brussels in 1825; Le page inconstant; music to several melodramas; funeral marches for military bands; fantasies and potpourris on popular operas; cantatas; masses; motets; symphonies; concertos for the violin, clarinet, horn and cornet; duos for violin and piano; and other works. He died at Koekelberg, near Brussels.