Skuhersky, Franz Sdenko



Bohemian operatic composer; born at Opocno; studied at the Gymnasium in his native town, then was sent to Vienna in 1850 to finish his medical studies, but gave them up and accepted a position as musical instructor in the family of Count Hardegg. He later went to Prague and became a pupil of Pietsch and Kittl at the Prague Organ School. After finishing his studies there became conductor of the Innsbruck Musikverein from 1854 to 1866, then was conductor and director of the choir of the University Church, finally succeeding Krejcis as director of the Organ School at Prague. While in Innsbruck Skuhersky composed the operas, Vladimir, and Lora. In 1868 he was made choir-director of the Church of St. Castulus, and also Court choir-director and lecturer on music at the University. He composed a number of operas and other important works. His operas, Vladimir, Lora, and General, were successful when produced at the Bohemian Theatre. His first opera was Samo, written in 1854, but never produced. Vladimir was the first of a series of Bohemian operas to be produced at the independent Bohemian Theatre of Prague, afterward known as the National Theatre. Skuhersky also wrote masses; symphonies; overtures; songs; and the Bohemian text-books, Treatise on Musical Form, published in 1879; The Organ and Its Structure; Composition, Theoretical and Practical Organ School; and a Method of Harmony.