Sitt, Hans



Violinist; born at Prague, the son of the violin-maker, Anton Sitt, and was first a student at the Prague Conservatory in 1867. He was leader of the orchestra at Breslau in 1869, conductor of a theatre in Prague, and in 1873 and until 1880 was town chapelmaster at Chemnitz, afterward conductor of the private band of Baron P. von Dervies at Nice, remaining there for some time. In 1883 Sitt was a teacher of the violin at the Leipsic Conservatory and violinplayer in the Brodsky Quartet. Two years later he succeeded Herzogenberg as conductor of the Bach Society and started a series of popular concerts at the Crystal Palace, Leipsic, which were a success. Sitt wrote three violin concertos; a viola concerto, and cello concerto; ten pieces for the piano; and many songs.