Siloti, Alexander



Russian pianist; considered by his compatriots as worthy to rank among the best of modern times. He was born near Charkow, South Russia, on his father's estate. From 1875 to 1881 he was a student at the Conservatory of Moscow, a pupil of Swereff, Nicolas Rubinstein, Hubert and Tschaikowsky, and in this institution he won a gold medal for his brilliant work. He made his debut in concert in 1880 and three years later achieved a remarkable success at Leipsic. For three years, from 1883 to 1886, Siloti was a pupil of Liszt, and by some is looked upon as the most remarkable pupil of the great master. Since 1880 Siloti has played in public a great deal, arid in 1893 was offered an appointment as professor of the piano at the Conservatory of St. Petersburg, but declined the post, preferring to spend his time teaching and giving concerts. In 1883 he won honors at the Leipsic Tonkunstlerversammerlung. For some years he has resided in Paris. For a short time he was professor of piano at the Moscow Conservatory, but resigned in 1890. He has made tours throughout Europe and in 1898 visited the United States, where his playing was highly complimented and liked, but he has never created the furore that Paderewski, Jean De Pachmann and Rosenthal have.