Siboni, Erik Anton Valdemar



Danish composer and pianist; born at Copenhagen; the son of Giuseppe Siboni, the renowned tenor singer. He first studied with Courlander and Goetz, and then was a pupil of J. P. E. Hartmann, of Vogel, of Moscheles and of Hauptmann at Leipsic from 1847. Afterward he entered the class of Sechter at Vienna, where he studied from 1851 to 1853, then returned to Copenhagen. In 1864 he became organist and professor of the piano at the Royal Academy of Music at Soro, Denmark, where he also taught the children of the Royal family of Denmark, including the present Queen Alexandra of England and the Empress of Russia. He composed some creditable music, including the opera entitled The Flight of Charles II., which was successfully produced at Copenhagen in 1862. He also wrote two other operas, Loreley and Carl den Audens Flugt; a tragic overture; two symphonies; piano quartet; a Stabat Mater; the grand choral works, The Battle of Murten and The Storming of Copenhagen; a setting of the lllth Psalm, and other works. In manuscript are two symphonies; a concert-overture; quartets for strings; sonata for violin and choral works.